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Hidden Lake and Kaiser Peak

2007 Trip

Trail Location and info: This trailhead is at the Billy Creek Campground at Huntington Lake. You get there by taking Highway 168 from Clovis, CA up to the town of Lakeshore. You drive next to the lake until you reach the Billy Creek Campground. From there you go to the right and should see a wooden sign that says "trail." You take that deteriorating road up to a parking lot. The trail starts off a little steep, but then levels off a little bit after about half a mile. You will cross a creek after about 1.5 miles and then shortly after that will be the fork to Nellie Lake. You continue up the trail until you get to the fork for Hidden Lake. The trail isn't quite as easy to follow from there, but if you are watching it closely, it shouldn't be any problem. Once you go over to the other side of the ridge, however, the trail is almost nonexistent. You can try to follow the ducks (stacked rocks) along the way, but that isn't always very easy. When you come down from the saddle, you will want to follow the creek until you are almost adjacent to Hidden Lake, and then take the slope down to the lake. When you leave the lake, you will go the same way you came (or continue down to the road on the other side of the ridge). If you are continuing on to Kaiser Peak, the best way to catch the trail is once you get to the saddle on the ridge, you follow the contours around the knob to the east of the saddle until you reach the trail on the other side. The trail is level for a little bit, then has a few steep portions. It levels off again when you come to a tarn on the north side of the ridge, but the goes up quite steeply again. It well go down for a little bit at the saddle where Line Creek Lake is and the is the last ascent to Kaiser Peak..

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