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Twin Lakes/Kaiser Peak Backpacking Trip

Trail Description

Trip Pictures

Trip Summary (7/17/2004-7/19/2004): (Links go to pictures)

Upper Twin LakeDay 1: We woke up at 5AM had breakfast and hit the road at 6:35. We got to Deer Creek Trailhead at Huntington Lake and started on the trail at 8:15AM. It was a pretty steep climb to potter pass, but it wasn't too bad. We got to Potter Pass at 10:45AM. We stopped for awhile and enjoyed the views. Started on the trail again at 11:15AM. We passed by Lower Twin Lake at 11:50AM and arrived at Upper Twin Lake at Noon. We set up camp and enjoyed our lunch, pizza. Then we went for a swim. Swam out to the island and walked around it for a bit. After Swimming we went around the lake to where the outlet is. Although the outlet doesn't go very far. It goes about 50ft or so then ends right at the base of a rock. It looks like it soaks into the ground. We looked around a bit and found a sink hole with some cave entrances in it. Didn't really want to go in, so not sure how far they went back. After that we ate dinner, had a campfire then went to bed.

Day 2: Woke up probably about 8:15, had a good cup of hot chocolate, and had breakfast. Took awhile getting packed and George Lakeeventually got out on the trail around 11:30. We got to George Lake and the end of the official trail at 12:25. We weren't sure which way to go since there was no trail marked on the topo. I knew there was a trail somewhere because I had seen it from Kaiser Ridge the year before. So we took the right-hand side of the lake because there looked like a gentle slope that direction. This wasn't too bad. We had to climb up some steep rocks, but this all wasn't too bad. We got to College Lake and then had to decide which way to go. I choose right again because I knew we had to go up, and even though it was very rocky, it would be more gradual than going to the left. Although this turned out to be pretty hard; a lot of boulder hopping and climbing up some boulders. The left from College Lake was more level and I think that now it would have met up with the trail or even going left around George Lake might have met up with the trail. Either way, we took the hard way. We reached the pass at 1:38 and saw Kaiser Loop Trail. A few peopleLights in Fresno were passing by as we got there. We looked back and saw the other trail going down to George Lake, which would have been much easier to come up than our way. So then we went on the short steep climb to Kaiser Peak. Reached the peak at 2:45 and stopped for a bit of Top Ramen and many pictures. We left the peak at 4:25 and headed down to our campsite at Line Creek Lake. It wasn't quite as impressive as I had remembered. We started to go down the trail and then saw something tan and fairly big down by then lake. At first I thought it was a dog, but there were no people, so then I wasn't sure what it was. The next day we found some tracks, and now I'm pretty sure it was a Mountain Lion. But it didn't bother us at all. So we got to camp at 4:45 and set up. Saw some weird things in the lake, I think Dragon Fly nymphs. After the sun went behind the mountain it got really cold. We cooked dinner then started a fire. After the sun set we could start to see the lights of Fresno and the rest of the valley, 9000 ft below. As it got darker we could see many stars. Then went to bed.

Day 3: Woke up to our final day to some rain at 5:45AM. Wasn't very hard, but it was raining. Thought that we should cover our Huntington Lake from College Rockpacks, but then decided not to, since it looked like it would pass by pretty quickly. So we went back to sleep and it continued to rain for a while. Finally got up at 7:15, it had stopped raining, but nothing was really wet. So we had our hot chocolate, had breakfast and started packing up. We fit everything in my bear container that night, so there was no food hung in the trees. Started on the trail at 10:00 and started back up to Kaiser Peak. Found some snow shortly before the peak, so we went down to it. Got the peak at 10:35 and stopped for a break. It was clearer today and we could see some peaks further south. We heard some thunder and thought that we probably should go down. Although we never heard anymore thunder the rest of the day. So we headed back down at 11:15, past the pass where we came up and down to the Deer Creek trailhead. We found College Rock and stopped there at 12:15 and enjoyed a great overlook of Huntington Lake. We left College Rock at 12:35 and continued down the steep trail. We descended quite rapidly and ended up at the trailhead at 1:40. Stopped at Fosters Freeze on the way down, and ironically they were out of ice cream.

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