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Marie Lake/Selden Pass Trip

Trail Description

Trip Summary (August 1999): This was the second backpack I did with my Boy Scout troop and my first 5 day backpack. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera so I didn't get any pictures. We started at the Bear Creek Diversion Dam and hiked a ways and stopped next to the creek in the canyon we were in. The next day we hiked out of the canyon and up to Marie Lake. I remember getting out of the dense forest was really nice. There were more meadows and I could see quite a few peaks around us. Marie Lake was very beautiful. There were some small trees around and peaks almost all the way around us. We camped there for the night. The next day we went up and over Selden Pass. It was a pretty good view. Not a whole lot to see, but still a great place. This was probably the highest I had ever been hiking. We went down the other side of the pass and found some snow a short ways down and stopped there for a little bit. Then we continued down to Sallie Keys Lake. It was in the trees, but still a beautiful spot to stop. We camped there and I believe we got a little bit of rain shortly after we got there. The next day we went down the side of the canyon to Blaney Meadow. We went had a hard time finding the hot spring, but we did find it eventually. It was very relaxing to soak in it . We stayed the night near the spring and then continued to Florence Lake the next day. We got there after a little hiking and took the ferry across.

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