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Marie Lake/Selden Pass Trail

1999 Trip Report

Trail Location and info: Trailhead is at Bear Creek Diversion Dam which is of the road going to Lake Edison. You take highway 168 up to Huntington Lake then turn right onto Kaiser pass road. After a short ways the road becomes one lane and once over Kaiser Pass there are some great views of the peaks. after a while there is a fork in the road to go to Lake Edison or Florence Lake. Take the left and then continue down the road a while. The trail starts off in a little bit of a canyon and then goes up and out of it to join the John Muir/Pacific Crest Trail. I believe this is when you can start to see some high peaks. The trail before Marie Lake I remember was pretty steep But wasn't very long. Marie Lake is a very beautiful lake and is surrounded by peaks except for the once side where we came in. This is a great destination or stop along the trail. Then on Selden Pass there were some pretty good views. You can see some lakes down below and many peaks. Sallie Keys Lake is also another beautiful alpine like. It's a little ways below timberline so the trees were pretty tall. The trail going down to the San Joaquin River is very steep and went pretty fast. At the bottom is the Muir Trail Ranch and some hot springs. A great place to rest and soak. The trail going out is fairly easy and then you can catch the ferry at Florence Lake.

Links: My Troop's description of the trip, Panorama of Marie Lake, Panorama from Selden Pass

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