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Blaney Meadow Backpack

Trail Description

Trip Pictures

Trip Summary (5/22/2004-5/23/2004): (Links go to pictures) This was supposed to be an easy 1 nighter to some hot springs inFlorence Lake Blaney Meadow, near the Muir Trial Ranch. We got going a little later than we would have liked to, I think about 8:30. We got to the one lane Kaiser Pass road, which wasn't as bad as I remembered. Shortly pass Kaiser Pass there were some great views of snow covered peaks. The drive down to Florence Lake took probably about an hour and when we got there we discovered that there was no ferry. Apparently they hadn't opened yet for the season. By now it was about noon. We decided to hike around the lake and add an extra 4 miles to our trip and this turned out to be a little harder than it looked on the topo. But we managed to get to the South Fork San Joaquin River about 2 hours later. We only passed one group of Bridge over the South Fork San Joaquin River hikers on this stretch, the only people we saw on the whole trail. There wasn't many points of interest along the way, so we didn't make many stops, however the snow-covered peaks made great scenery for the hike. It was probably about 5 when we got to camp and we were exhausted. The hot springs were really starting to sound good about this time. So we went off to look for them. A few years ago when I went there we crossed the river of a log, the water was also very deep there and looked inviting to jump in (however the water was probably moving very fast). But we got to the spot where the log was after quite a hike, but there was no log. So after awhile we turned back. The sun was starting to set. We got back near our camp site and thought about crossing the river on some of the stones in the river, but we didn't even try because the water was cold and moving very swiftly over them, no rocks were exposed. So we went back to camp and started a fire for our tri-tip. That's right, we brought a 3 pound tri-tip roast with us for dinner, which by the way was defiantly worth it and didn't add too much weight to the pack. we had it all wrapped up in foil and were lucky enough to find a grill. so we set it on the grill and let it cook for an hour or two. When we unwrapped the foil the smell escaped and smelled so good. The three of us quickly devoured the meat. It still had most of the juice in it when we started, but toward the end it had started to get a little dry. After dinner, we were tired and went to bed. Woke up the next morning, ate breakfast and packed up. We went all the way out and finally got to the car and rested there for awhile. We left and got down to Prather and enjoyed a good meal at Fosters Freeze.

(The hot spring from one of my previous trips can be seen Here)

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