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Dinkey Lakes Trail

2005 Trip

Trail Location and info: This is a short and easy trail and I recommend it to beginners. However, the trailhead isn't very easy to get to and I recommend going in a high clearance vehical (although you can go in a car, but expect to scrape the bottom of it a lot). From Fresno, go up highway 168 until you get to Shaver Lake. In Shaver Lake turn onto Dinky Creek Road. Go up Dinkey Creek Road about 10 miles until you get to a road sign that says Dinkey Lakes Trailhead to the left (its also the road for Bald Mountain and a few other trails). Turn onto that road and dodge the potholes along the way. After awhile you will come to another fork in the road. Follow the sign for Dinkey Lakes trailhead (turn right). The "pavement" gets really bad from here. There are patches of pavement and a lot of rocks. Keep going up and stay on the main road. You will see an unmarked fork after a little while, keep left. Eventually you will come to another fork. Again, follow the sign for the trailhead (turn right again). Now you will be on a dirt road. Follow that on up until your reach the parking lot.

When you start off, I suggest you go the the left of the fence by the sign that looks like it said "End Vehicals" and there is a sign below that saying the trail is to the right. Ignore that sign and follow the trail and you'll meet up with the main trail shortly. You could take the main trail from the parking lot. If you do, you will quickly come to Dinkey Creek that you have to cross and then you will have to cross it again. Then you go up a steep section and then it levels out for awhile. There will be a few more short, steep areas and then level areas. You will come to a fork saying 1st Dinkey Lake to the left and Mystery Lake to the right. You can take either, but I recommend going left as it isn't quite as steep. If you go to the left you will continue on somewhat level ground and then it climbs fairly steep for a little while until you get to First Dinkey Lake. You can look around for a good campsite and good luck fighting the mosquitoes.

If you take the Mystery Lake route you will have to cross Dinkey Creek shortly after the fork and then go up a steep slope. You then come to Mystery Lake, which is a nice lake if you want to stay there. After Mystery Lake the trail is pretty level, but soon climbs up a lot and is quite steep. Then you come to Swede Lake. After Swede Lake you go up another steep hill and then go down a little ways to South Lake. The trail crosses another creek after South Lake. If you are going to Second Dinkey Lake or another lake other than First Dinkey continue on straight. If you are going to First Dinkey Lake take a left at an unmarked fork shortly after crosses the creek that comes from South Lake. Follow this trail through the meadow that surrounds First Dinkey Lake. Then start looking for a campsite and again, good luck with the mosquitoes.

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