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Dinkey Lakes (2009)
Banner Peak (2009)
Big Margaret Lake (2009)
Dinkey Lakes (2009)
Graveyard Lakes (2009)
Kaiser Wilderness (2007)
Darwin Canyon (2006)
Upper Twin Lake (2006)
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Graveyard Lakes
Hidden Lake and Kaiser Peak
Darwin Canyon via Lamarck Col
Redwood Canyon/Big Spring
Twin Lakes
Dinkey Lakes
Cliff Lake
Kaiser Peak
Blaney Meadows
High Sierra Trail
Mt Whitney Trail
Hell for Sure Pass
Sandbeach Lake
Selden Pass

Mount Whitney Trail

2002 Trip
2005 Trip

Trail Location and info: Whitney Portal is in the mountains above the town of Lone Pine. You can get to Lone Pine by taking highway 395. This is a very interesting hike. You start off in the desert (driving of course, unless you choose to hike from the campground in the desert) then you go up a steep road and can watch Owens Valley fall below you quickly (although if you're driving it would probably be better to look at the road), After awhile it begins to look like the mountains. You start seeing trees and by Whitney Portal they get pretty dense. You can camp there, get acclimated or whatever. This is was the actual walking begins. You start off at about 8300ft on the 6000ft elevation gain to 14,497ft in 11 miles. The trail is pretty steep and you quickly get above Whitney Portal and have some good views of Owens Valley. The scenery changes a little too. You then come to Lone Pine Lake, which is a pretty nice lake. You can get some pretty good views from it. There is a little bit of level trail after the lake. After a little while you start heading up toward Outpost camp. The trees really start thinning as near Outpost Camp and shortly after Mirror Lake, there are no more trees. Above Mirror Lake, past where there aren't any trees, it really starts getting beautiful (not to say it isn't before there). You can see all the high peaks around you and the valley far below. The next fairly long level spot is at trail camp, but before Trail Camp is the beautiful Consultation Lake, nestled in a moraine. Trail camp is the last water and just before the infamous 99 switchbacks. The switchbacks are hard and at a high elevation, so it can be hard to breathe at times. After the long climb to Trail Crest, you get a beautiful view of the mountains in Sequoia National Park and Hitchcock Lakes and possibly Guitar Lake. After this there is still a fairly long (2 miles I believe) ascent to the peak. Along the way are some windows with drops on both sides and more great views. Then you finally come to the top and if you are lucky and like most people will get there before or around noon. You will enjoy great views all around you. Be sure to sign the registry outside the hut. Stay up there for an hour, maybe even two or more if you like. Take time to enjoy it. Before you leave, you should look toward the west for a wall of rocks, behind it is what has to be the highest toilet in the continental U.S.

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